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Ibogaine Treatment Clinic in Mexico

How does Ibogaine Treatment Work?

Our Ibogaine Program

5 Day Treatment

Our 5 day treatment program combines our world class Ibogaine treatment with the relaxation of a beach front setting. Clean and private rooms, amazing food prepared by an in house chef, and other amenities make your Ibogaine treatment experience the most productive and effective that it can be. This treatment has no comparison!

7 Day

A longer stay

Our 7 day program rises above the competition. With a much better price and more to offer, our 7 day treatment gives you a longer stay to adjust to normal life after Ibogaine treatment. 

10 Day Program

A Luxury Experience

Looking to do activities and have a much more luxurious stay. Our VIP experience makes it easy for you to get out and enjoy Mexico while you are here. Adjust to your new life, go shopping, have some fun, and get clean from your drug addiction all with our 10 day package.